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Dream Cottage Lottery

Who doesn’t want to win a cottage? This is the biggest effort
for fundraising the club does each year.

Tickets are sold to the public for the chance to win a new cottage provided by Martell Home Builders.

Part of the funds from this campaign go towards the capital campaign for which the club hopes to have a new home themselves.

The Boys & Girls Club of Riverview has partnered with Martell Home Builders to bring you the Dream Cottage Draw.

Proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club and contribute to the launch of a capital campaign for a new building!


What can you win?

A cottage, provided by Martell Home Builders worth $82,000
- You provide the location, we provide the cottage!
You can choose to take $25,000 cash
You can take the cash value of the cottage and apply it as a down payment toward a new home provided by Martell Home Builders!


  • 1 for $25.00
  • 3 for $65.00
  • 5 for $110.00

Tickets can be purchased by visiting our office or by calling 387-7070. We accept cash and Mastercard/VISA. They are also available at the following locations:

Draw Date

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013



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